Thursday, 27 July 2017

Tips & Guidelines On Facebook Ad Image Size 2017 - Social Media Marketing

various facebook ad image sizes

Advertisements are an important part of facebook for a better marketing campaign. Organizations can introduce their products and services and connecting with the people who are interested with that service. Most attractive part of facebook ad will be images. Images and videos will play an important role in advertisement. Facebook ad image size is also noticed. Ad image size will vary depends on the places such as profile photo, cover photo etc. This post will give you a clear idea about Facebook ad image sizes. 

Facebook Ad Image Size - Social Media Marketing

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Most Common SEO Mistakes to avoid in your content

Search Engine Optimization means maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website.When we do an SEO work in a content. There were some points you must care in doing an SEO work, we must care about these points. Those point will helps you to make a quality SEO work. Here we added the points you must care for, by following these points you can make a quality content.

common mistakes to avoid in seo

                                                        The Most Common SEO Mistakes to avoid in your content

Facebook Ad Image Size - Social Media Marketing

facebook ad

Nowadays,  facebook advertising plays an important role for successful marketing campaign. Facebook Ads offers a possibility to connect with millions of users who are active on social media daily. And it also provides to achieve efficient results with a small budget. The best facebook image size depends up on the type of ad you are creating. Facebook Ad image size may vary in different places. For instance, in profile pic the image size is 180 X 180 Pixels and in cover picture it becomes 828 X 315 pixels. 
Please have a look on this post and it will lead a better rating in facebook
Facebook Ad Image Size - Social Media Marketing

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Reddit Marketing Tips - How to Use Reddit for Business Promotion

Reddit Marketing Tips - How to Use Reddit for Business Promotion

reddit marketing tips
 Welcome to Reddit marketing. It is one of the best popular websites on the net. With the billions of page views and millions of subscriptons reddit has the power to make any online compign. The thing is that if you know what to do and what not to do then learn the tactics and sttrategies of powerful reddit marketing.reddit has a large number of users  From this you can understand how much the reddit marketing imporant is.                                                                                                                                                                  

Friday, 7 July 2017

Mobile Friendliness & SEO - Case Study D3 - Digital Data Dimensions Bahrain

Day by day every non mobile friendly websites will be loosing it's search engine ranking and visibility due to it fails in mobile friendly tests. Those website already has very bad condition with its mobile friendliness will always fail in search engine ranking. Since Google has made more than two strong updates regarding avoiding non mobile friendly websites from its search results, it is very difficult to rank the non mobile friendly websites.  Even if we rank the website with strong off page, the results and ranking will not improve. 100% of pages of non responsive website will loose search engine ranking in each new caches. Same time if the competing websites improves its ranking with its mobile responsive features.

Mobile Friendliness Case Study - D3 (Dthree Bahrain)

During last few months, lot of optimization were done to improve page speed score of the website Website optimization practices like gzip compression, leverage browser cache, keep alive code installation, optimization of images, avoiding bad requests, fixing crawl errors are the major areas covered. But the mobile friendliness is being very strong signal in which the dthree website always fails. It is a common fact that more than 70 % of internet users browse with their mobile and handy devices currently. So preferably adopting a new design which is 100% mobile friendliness is a dare need.

Screen shots attached - Regarding Non mobile friendliness (3 images)

1) Mobile friendly test result using google's tool

2) Google page speed insight test result (mobile)

3) Mobile usability errors reported at Google webmasters tools (

Conclusion - Mobile Friendliness Solutions

Website need to redesign. As a best practice, the website can be redesigned with a mobile friendly design. Adopting a CMC (content management system) with mobile friendly theme will solve these kind of issues. Consulting with a responsive website development team is most necessary thing.  

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Best online promotion company india - SoftLoom IT Solutions

Best online promotion company india - SoftLoom IT Solutions

Best online promotion company india

Welcome to softloom it solutions. This is one of the best online promotion company in india. They have 100% highly experienced members for each section. We have 100% placement also. The advantage is that the study of seo is very simple and in convenient manner. It is a big solution those who want google rankings at the top most in search engine results page.