Saturday, 8 October 2016

KPIs in SEO: 15 Ways to Measure Your SEO Success SoftLoom IT Solutions

SEO is an ongoing activity that doesn't have any hard and fast rules. More and more businesses are embracing digital marketing and some even think that it's even more effective than a TV or newspaper ad. Different clients have different goals. However, if these clients have chosen to so SEO for their websites, all of them are looking for an increase in sales. Since Google updates its core algorithms almost daily, what might work today won't do so tomorrow. So it's important to keep track of your performance so you can know much long you have to go down the goal path. In this post, we talk about KPIs which an SEO analyst can take a note of, before and during the campaign. KPIs help you understand which areas need your focus besides a significant work volume. Besides, it helps in efficient reporting and demonstrating your value to your clients.